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The Sacramento Bee
"It's not often that a nightclub revue opens with a small talking bunny threatening physical harm if any recorders or cameras are used during the performance, but that is what opens "Wonderland," a new show at Harrah's Reno. It's a combination of magic and dance that is distinguished by its oddball humor..."

Northern Nevada's Best
"This is hands down the breakout show of the year for casino entertainment."
The audience went out of their minds. One of the few casino shows that’s actually worth seeing a second (or third) time, it just keeps getting funnier every time you see it.."

Nevada Events
"Nutcake comic and pseudo magician Larry Wilson has conceived "Wonderland," the new show at Harrah's Reno, built loosely around "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." There's a talking rabbit, a sexy Queen of Hearts, the delightfully madcap Platt Brothers, six lovely and terrific girl dancers, and Wilson himself as a white tie and white tails goofy and slightly weird Mad Hatter who never ever wears a hat..."

Go Play Vegas.com
"You should see the show so you can see it in a small intimate setting before it is snatched up by a bigger room in Las Vegas. The new show is called Wonderland and it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss. Wonderland has heart stopping classic rock... Illusions that will keep you up at night trying to figure out how it was done, great dance and terrific comedy."

GoTo RenoTahoe.com
"Mind-boggling illusion, sidesplitting comedy, breathtaking dance,
make up this mind-altering entertainment experience. a show where you can leave the real world behind to enjoy a night of entertainment unlike anything you've ever experienced."

Nevada Magazine
"Wilson carefully crafts the buildups to his jokes and frequently takes the audience off gaurd.
The cast of 10 looks like 100."

Magic Magazine
"The dance numbers... run the gamut from hypnotic to erotic, from psychedelic to athletic, but they are all striking and theatrical."
"Perfectly stuctured, Multi-layered and quite deceptive."
"The lights come up as we wonder if it was all only a dream..."
"Many people don't seem to percieve any magic taking place."