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Take a Piece of W onderland Home With You


These Silk-Screen Beauties are 100% Cotton and available in Purple, Lime, Black and White.

They feature the Wonderland Flying "W" on the front and the official motto, "Real. Trippy. Fun." on the back.

If you prefer a more subtle fashion statement we also have exquisitly embroidered T-shirts available in Purple, Lime, Black and White.

For the purist nothing but the classic Tye-Dye will suffice. These shirts are Tye-Dyed by hand by a bunch of burn outs on a commune in Northern California and then silk-screened to perfection with the Flying "W" and the official motto on the back.

They are available in Trippy, Really Trippy, and
"I can't feel my face!"

The Sands of Time are a Wonderland favorite.

These Groovy Hourglasses are a combination of electric lights and magical fairy dust (a technical term)

These Projectors are no ordinary projector my friend;
Oh No!
They are one of the many psychedelic lighting instruments used to create the groovy light effects used throughout the show.
These projectors create a hypnotic lava lamp effect on any surface they are shone upon....uh, shined at.... uh, shunned toward... on.


Enough said.
(must be 18 years of age)

If you see what you like, or like what you see;
Please visit our online Pricelist and learn just what tiny amounts
of dough it takes to keep a little Wonderland in your very own home.

The Wonderland Store is just getting on its feet and we don't have
a secure credit card transfer set up yet.
So if you wish to purchase one of our treasures; email our dry-goods handler at:
and the details of your transaction can be taken care of.